April 30 Day Challenges

March has passed, and with it another collection of challenges. It was a fairly successful month, and I was able to work on all four of my challenges with various levels of success.

Once again, the most successful challenge was my creative challenge, the one-second-video project, which I have decided to continue throughout the year. Often, people having their phones out indicates that they aren’t living in the moment, but living in some future time when they think they will look at their picture or video again, but probably will not.

However, looking for moments to film made me be a bit more present, as I was always watching what was happening with the idea of filming something interesting. I saw things with fresh eyes, so to speak.

Here is my March one-second-video.

I will also continue my March spiritual challenge in April, as it is connected to the Christian season of Lent, which ends in the middle of the month with Easter.

I felt challenged this month to listen to a different voice about spiritual matters, and so I chose a devotional called “Give Up Worry For Lent” by Gary Zimak, who is a Catholic writer. The book has been an encouragement, but I’ve struggled a bit reading something about worry that was written before the Pandemic and before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These two events made things seem real to me in a way that things hadn’t necessary seemed before.

That said, the author makes some points that are true no matter what is going on in my life or in the world. And I do believe it has helped me to handle worry a bit better by focusing on Christ. I would recommend the book for a future Lent, or just as a daily devotional for anyone who is prone to worry. I will be continuing this practice until Easter.

And a final thought on this… having given up things for Lent in the past, I really enjoy the idea of giving up something like worry, because it’s not something I would crave like coffee or sugar. I’m happy to get it out of my life.

For my health challenge, I challenged myself to walk 100 miles over the course of the month. I really enjoyed this challenge, especially since March in western North Carolina is a lovely time, and the weather was perfect. I didn’t make it to 100 miles, but I did make it to 70.6 miles, which averages to about 2.3 miles a day, which isn’t bad. While I’m not going to shoot for 100 miles in April, I will continue to push myself to walk as much as I can.

Finally, for my financial challenge, I found a Trello page that gave a general daily challenge. Having already done financial challenges in both January and February, I found this to be fairly repetitive, but still helpful to keep my mind on personal finances. That said, it did encourage me to find a new high-yield savings account and to shop around for a new CD. But for April, I think I’ll be ready to try a different sort of financial challenge.

Speaking of April, here are my new challenges.

Creative Challenge

Considering that the challenge that I’ve done the most consistently throughout the years has been the National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) in November, I was excited to remember that in April, Nanowrimo sponsors Camp Nano, which is a more relaxed version of what happens in November. Rather than writing the first draft of a 50,000 word novel, Camp Nano encourages you to write whatever you want. The point is to get you writing.

So, for my month of writing, I’m going to try and write short comedic stories, maybe one every two days, at around 250-300 words each. I’ve not written comedy before, so I’m excited to stretch myself and see how my comedic voice can sound.

Health Challenge

For my health challenge, I’m going to use a pdf I found that has simple exercises each day, called Move More April. I’m going to try and work up to doing more strenuous workouts, but since I’ve mostly just been walking up to this point, it’ll be good get there at a reasonable pace. Oh, and as I said before, I’m also going to continue walking as much as I can.

Financial Challenge

My financial challenge this time is not like the other times. I want to spend the month of April understanding crypto currency. I understand the basics – that it is digital currency and such – but I don’t understand mining, or how the system works. So, April is my month for educating myself on this new(ish) technology.

Spiritual Challenge

As I said before, I’ll be continuing my Lent readings until Easter, which is in the middle of the month. Alongside this challenge, I have downloaded the Calm App, and I’ll try some of their meditation offerings. I’ve never used Calm before, and I’m going to be doing their free seven day trial and then I’ll cancel. After that, I’ll just use whatever free offerings they have.

The most exciting thing about where this challenge has taken me is that I’ve discovered things that I want to keep doing, that aren’t incredibly intrusive, and aren’t so difficult to make into habits. In fact, they stand to make my life much better, and for that I’m grateful.

Two Months Down, Ten To Go

February was a very quiet month for me on the blog, for lots of reasons. However, I was able to accomplish a couple of things in my second month of challenges. My most successful challenge was participating in the One Second Every Day video challenge. It was fun to have a tiny spark of creativity each day, and looking for different things to film. You’ll note that I spend a lot of time with my youngest son Noah, as he’s in many of the clips.

Here’s my February One Second Every Day video.

I enjoyed this one so much that I’ve decided to continue it as my March creative challenge, and I may even try to do a whole year of 1 second videos. With our family scheduled to relocate to Montenegro in the summer, I’d certainly have lots of new things to film!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as consistent with the other challenges this month. I didn’t do any planking, I did try and do some side hustles, but they weren’t profitable enough to continue, and I worked through The Love Dare, but I’m not going to comment on that right now. Still, it was a second month, and I survived!

And that brings us to March.

Give Up Worry For Lent

This month’s challenges happen to coincide with the start of the Christian season of Lent, where Christians focus on some aspect of their faith leading up to Easter. In the past, I’ve participated in the practice of giving up something for Lent, but I’ve often found that rather than having any substantial growth in my faith, I’d just spend time thinking about that thing I was giving up.

So, this time, I’m going to focus on giving up something that is worth giving up, especially considering all that’s going on in the world: worry. And, I’m going to do it by using a devotional called Give Up Worry For Lent. So, hopefully I’ll experience some maturing in my faith as I follow the readings each day.

100 Miles in March

While researching fitness challenges, I discovered that there are lots of people getting people out moving around for good causes this month. There’s the Find your Mojo in March walk for breast cancer, there’s the March the Month walk for prostrate cancer, but I chose the 100 Miles in March to help support mental health efforts in the UK, which seemed to dovetail nicely into my spiritual challenge.

And actually, you can donate to help support this challenge, which would give me more encouragement to actually go 100 miles this month. Click this link to go to the Facebook page and donate!

And finally, for my financial challenge…

March Madness: Daily Financial Challenges

This Trello challenge intrigued me because it came with a template, and I like templates that help me be organized. I’m really not even sure what the financial challenges will be like, but I figure it can never hurt to keep thinking about how I’m spending my money!

Alright, so that’s my next 31 days. Wish me luck, and go back and donate! 🙂