Two Months Down, Ten To Go

February was a very quiet month for me on the blog, for lots of reasons. However, I was able to accomplish a couple of things in my second month of challenges. My most successful challenge was participating in the One Second Every Day video challenge. It was fun to have a tiny spark of creativity each day, and looking for different things to film. You’ll note that I spend a lot of time with my youngest son Noah, as he’s in many of the clips.

Here’s my February One Second Every Day video.

I enjoyed this one so much that I’ve decided to continue it as my March creative challenge, and I may even try to do a whole year of 1 second videos. With our family scheduled to relocate to Montenegro in the summer, I’d certainly have lots of new things to film!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as consistent with the other challenges this month. I didn’t do any planking, I did try and do some side hustles, but they weren’t profitable enough to continue, and I worked through The Love Dare, but I’m not going to comment on that right now. Still, it was a second month, and I survived!

And that brings us to March.

Give Up Worry For Lent

This month’s challenges happen to coincide with the start of the Christian season of Lent, where Christians focus on some aspect of their faith leading up to Easter. In the past, I’ve participated in the practice of giving up something for Lent, but I’ve often found that rather than having any substantial growth in my faith, I’d just spend time thinking about that thing I was giving up.

So, this time, I’m going to focus on giving up something that is worth giving up, especially considering all that’s going on in the world: worry. And, I’m going to do it by using a devotional called Give Up Worry For Lent. So, hopefully I’ll experience some maturing in my faith as I follow the readings each day.

100 Miles in March

While researching fitness challenges, I discovered that there are lots of people getting people out moving around for good causes this month. There’s the Find your Mojo in March walk for breast cancer, there’s the March the Month walk for prostrate cancer, but I chose the 100 Miles in March to help support mental health efforts in the UK, which seemed to dovetail nicely into my spiritual challenge.

And actually, you can donate to help support this challenge, which would give me more encouragement to actually go 100 miles this month. Click this link to go to the Facebook page and donate!

And finally, for my financial challenge…

March Madness: Daily Financial Challenges

This Trello challenge intrigued me because it came with a template, and I like templates that help me be organized. I’m really not even sure what the financial challenges will be like, but I figure it can never hurt to keep thinking about how I’m spending my money!

Alright, so that’s my next 31 days. Wish me luck, and go back and donate! 🙂